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Auto Detailing

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detailer steven moniz

Hi my name is Steven Moniz and first I would like to thank you for visiting my website. I have been detailing since 2000 and enjoy what I do .Here at reflections car care we care about you and your vehicle. We provide many kinds of services interior detailing exterior detailing headlight restoration steam cleaning engine cleaning  paint correction wet sanding compounding polishing wax. We take our time on each job we do to provide you with a great sense of satisfaction. We are located on the South Coast  Fall River Ma

Acura mdx Interior detail

Interior Detail

A more thorough cleaning is performed throughout the vehicle. All hard surfaces such as dashboard air vents steering wheel center console cup holders door panels all storage compartments are all cleaned and protected. Carpet floor mats and seats are all vacuumed and cleaned using a steamer and hot water extractor leather is cleaned and conditioned all interior glass is cleaned.


Price Range.......$100-$200

Cars start at $100 fort the first 3 hours $30 per hour after

Suv's star at $120  for the first 4 hours $30 per hour after


Additional charges may apply depending on condition of interior. Excessive stains and pet hair.

Chevy silverado Exterior detail

Exterior Detail

Package :1 Wash clay and wax

The exterior detail is a thorough cleaning of the outside of the vehicle. First the wheels Tires and wheel wells are cleaned then the whole vehicle is hand washed and dryed with microfiber towels and air. Then the paint is decontaminated clayed to remove tar bugs and  and other contaminants on the surface. Door jambs are cleaned and we apply quality carnauba wax to all painted surfaces then all exterior glass is cleaned and tires and any plastic trim is dressed.

Exterior Detail starts at $100

Package:2 With this package you will receive  the exterior detail with  the 1 step polish to enhance the color and clarity of the paint by removing light scratches and swirls.    $200 - $250

Package:3 This package is for the vehicles that have been neglected or in rough shape having deep scratches or heavy oxidation. You will receive the exterior detail with the 2 step polishing process.      $250 - $350

Interior and Ext​erior

Starting Price

Cars                         $200 

Suvs &  Trucks                   $240 

Large Suvs                          $300 

Exterior paint polishing

One step polish. 

 This step is a  paint enhancement prosses to improve the clarity of the paint by removing some small scratches and swirls in the paint. This is mostly caused by automatic car washes and improper hand washing.

                                                                                                                                                                     Price $100-$150 


Two step polish

This step starts with a heavy cutting compound with a cutting pad to remove those deeper swirl marks, scratches and heavy oxidation . Then followed up with a finishing polish  like the one step.

                                                                                                                                                                       Price  $150- $250

What our customers are saying

Steve did an awesome job cleaning my teenager’s car. Looks exactly like the day we got it! He was easy to communicate with. His price points are reasonable. I would definitely recommend him and will be a repeat customer.

Car looks brand new! Great service, Great communication, and very happy with experience. I dropped a 2012 Cruze that has seen its stains over the years from having kids. I have tried every chemical in auto zone to remove these stains with no luck. He was able to lift the stains leaving the car look new again! Every section of the car was cleaned and protected looking great! My wife and I are extremely pleased and will definitely be back at least 2-4 per year with each car.

I read all the reviews for detail places nearby to find the best and very happy I came across this place. Would highly recommend!!t it! He was easy to communicate with. 

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