Reflections Car Care - See The Difference
  • Wash & Drying - (Weekly)
    This step removes all the loose dirt and debris from the exterior of the car. This also includes wheels & wheel wells. Maintaining a clean finish will help prolong your wax or sealant on your paint.
    * Use a Quick Detailer in between washing to maintain a freshly washed look.
  • Claybar - (Every 3-6 months · depends on the surrounding envirornment)
    This step removes embedded contaminates that normal washing can't remove and will leave the surface of the paint silky smooth.
  • Polish - (1-2 times a year)
    This step removes imperfections in the paint (swirls, water marks, bird etching, etc.) and brings back the shine & depth to the paint.
  • Wax and/or Sealant - (Every 2-6 months · durability depends on product used and environmental conditions)
    This step is your protection for your paint, it will also add gloss and wetness to the paint.
  • Polish and/or apply a Wheel Sealant to clean and protect wheels - (Protect every 2-3 months · Polish when needed)
    This step will help prevent brake dust and road grime from adhering to the surface of the wheels making them easier to clean.
  • Clean or polish all chrome or aluminum - (As needed)
  • Dress all tires, wheel wells and trim -(Weekly or Twice a month)
  • Clean Windows and Door jambs - (Weekly or when needed)
  • auto detailing